Ready to become a golf ambassador?

Do you want to become a Greenfee365 brand ambassador? In that case we have some great news – you'll get that chance!

With the mission to make it easy to find and book tee times wherever you are and wherever you plan to go, we're now looking for passionate brand ambassadors who will represent our brand in their region.

You'll spread the word about our platform and in return enjoy the perks of partnering with one of Europe’s hottest startups in the golf industry!

Who are you?

Do you relate to the things below? Then we've found what we been looking for, and would love to have a talk! 

  • you love golf

    As golf is our passion, we would want you to feel the same. 

  • Network is key

    Do you have a fantastic network of fellow golfers and/or golf clubs in your country or region?  

  • Golf events or tournaments

    You're organizing golf events and tournaments on a regular basis. You're the leader of a golf society. 

  • Golf influencer?

    Or if the previous point dosen't quite fit, you're a golf influencer with a website, golf blog or social media platform with a high reach to golfers.

  • You want it

    And the most important question need to be answered – would you like to promote our fantastic brand and product?

  • “The opportunity to work with a forward-thinking brand like Greenfee365 is fantastic.  Their solution is modern, relevant and they are constantly finding ways to innovate to make it easier for clubs and golfers to connect wherever they are.  They will indeed help the game advance with the times and it will be fun working with clubs and golfers within my network.”

    steve rutter - greenfee365 ambassador UK

What we offer

So what do you get? you may wonder. Let us tell you!

  • Gear Greenfee365 gear

    As ambassador you get a welcome pack, including Callaway merchandise.

  • Club activation reward

    Every time you introduce and successfully activate a new golf club onto our platform, we compensate you with a club activation fee.

  • User activation reward

    Every time you introduce new users to our platform that makes a purchase, we compensate you with shared revenue.

High quality gear

A teaser on what you get as an ambassador for Greenfee365

Are you with us?

We hope so! And we would love to get in touch. Tell us a little bit about youself in the form below, and describe why you will become a great brand ambassador for Greenfee365!

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